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DSi XL: The Official Picspam

Another size comparison drifting around on the internet. The XL sat next to the iPod Classic.

Stylus comparison. The big ass stylus that came with the XL is the comfiest I've used of anything (including actual pens).

One of the most common complaints people had against the XL was "oh no it will make my game look stretched!" That argument is utter bollocks. It makes everything look fabulous.

The Start and Select buttons aren't so sticky-outy any more.

It plays music, too. You can put music in the m4a format onto your SD Card, and your XL will play it. You can also then muck around with it. The XL's speakers are so large and juicy that the sound quality is incredible.

Surfing Wikipedia with the Opera web browser. Slow, but what do you expect?

Drawing the Tree of Knowledge in Flipnote Studio. Totally not inspired by re-reading Good Omens lately.

A more ~graphical~ game proving that the graphics are just...bigger.

And a less graphical one.


Side-by-side screen comparison.

Big is beautiful, dudes.